Bahia Blanca Argentina

Cleveland – their only window to the outside world

Bahia Blanca is a small city located 500 miles south of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. This small Jewish community was established in the port town over 120 years ago, by Baron Hirsh in order to help persecuted European Jews resettle & farm.

In 1986, Rabbi Moshe A"H & Sarah (Alevsky) Freedman were sent by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to enhance Jewish life and observance in Bahia Blanca. The Freedman’s have re-energized the spiritual and communal life that had been stagnant for many years before their arrival.

When the economic crisis hit Argentina in 2000, the Freedman’s responded with financial and moral support for hundreds of working and middle class Jewish families in Bahia Blanca. Much of the funding was generously provided by the Cleveland Jewish community.

Today, while the economy is slowly improving in the larger cities, Bahia Blanca’s middle and working class families are still badly hurting. Most are still unemployed, or simply not earning enough to provide their families with the basic necessities, and rely on Chabad’s weekly assistance to survive. 

With Rabbi Freedman's recent passing, the community is more than ever in need of physical as well as spiritual help, and they are not being left alone. Your support will help provide food & medicines as well as hope and comfort.


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