Sunday after Shacharis: Daily Tanya portion with Rabbi Chaikin followed by Talmud class

Sunday @ 10:45 AM: Project Likutei Sichos class (women) at the home of Sarah Alevsky

Monday - Friday: Daily Tanya portion - Rabbi Gancz after 7:00 am Shacharis, Rabbi Chaikin after 8:00 am Shacharis

Monday @ 9:00 PM: Chassidus class on zoom with Rabbi CB Alevsky

Tuesday @ 8:30 PM: Chassidic Thoughts on the Parsha (women) with Rabbi Chaikin in-person and on zoom

Friday Night between Mincha and Maariv: A vort for your Shabbos table

Shabbos Morning @ 9:00 AM: Chassidus with Dr. Yosef Porter

Shabbos Afternoon @ 5:30 PM: Women's Pirkei Avos with Sarah Alevsky

Shabbos 45 minutes before Mincha: Jewish Insights with Rabbi Levi Greenberg

Don't see a class that you want to join? Email [email protected] to suggest a new class!

Unless link is specified below, access the weekly ZOOM classes here at the correct time.