Covid 19 Minyan Protocols as of July 24


We have experimented with many approaches to maintaining the safety and comfort of our congregants during this soft reopening period and are constantly working to improve.   Please read through these carefully, this will help to put everyone on the same page.


  1. All minyanim weekday and Shabbos are now held as a blended indoor/outdoor minyan in the lower level social hall and back patio. 
  2. Participants must be sure they are not experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, nausea, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell etc.
  3. All participants both indoors and outdoors - must sanitize hands upon arrival.  
  4. For weekday minyan - please bring your own siddur. On Shabbos Siddur & Chumash will be provided. 
  5. If a person feels uncomfortable with these protocols - whether because they are too lenient or because they are too strict - he or she should not participate in our minyanim. 


  1. State law presently requires that masks be worn at all times while in gatherings or inside non-residential buildings. Participants must wear masks while inside the Eiruv (back patio area) or inside the building. 
  2. The Chazzan and Torah Reader may choose not wear a mask while chanting out loud, extra space should be created around them. 
  3. If the Social hall is full, indoor overflow can set up in the lobby on Shabbos, or in the Women's Gallery during the week.
  4. Out-of-Towners are welcome outdoor at minyanim provided they have registered and been cleared in advance.

Aliyah Protocols:

  1. One who is called to an Aliyah must wear a mask and must not touch the Torah at all. 
  2. Those who are called to Hagbah and Gelillah must wear masks and must sanitize their hands before touching the Torah or Mantel.
  3. Out-of-Towners are welcome to receive Aliyos provided they follow all the guidelines. 
Kiddush & Shiurim Protocols:
  1.  Stay in your seat. Maintain 6 foot distance at all times.
  2.  When food is served masks may be removed only while seated.  
  3.  Masks must be worn when moving around.  
  4.  Clean up your own area. 
Above all, we must see to it that during the current crisis in health we take extra care to love and accept our fellow congregants, especially those whose opinion differs from ours.
May peace reign among us and through peace we will be returned to our rightful place with Hashem's help.