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Please make sure to write out full name. Only names known to the host will not be allowed into meetings.

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Mon-Fri: Chassidus Chaburah, 7:15 am, with Rabbi Friedman
Sun-Thurs: Rambam learning with Rabbi Friedman between mincha/maariv - in person 

Sundays: Talmud, 9:15 am, in-person with Rabbi Chaikin

Sundays: Halacha Shiur, 8:00 pm on Zoom, with Rabbi Chaikin

Mondays: RCS for Women, 8:30 pm, Insights into the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe with Rivky Friedman Click Here for Link

Tuesdays: Women's Tanya Class, 11:00 am, with Rabbi Friedman

Tuesdays: Chassidic Thoughts on the Parsha (women), 8:30 pm, with Rabbi Chaikin

Wednesdays: **Project Likkutei Sichos, 8:00 pm, with Rabbi Gancz CLICK HERE TO JOIN**

 Friday nights: A vort for your Shabbos table, between mincha and maariv, in person.

Shabbos Morning: Chassidus, 9:15am, in person, with Rabbi Chaikin  

Shabbos: A Taste of the Rebbe's Teachings, between mincha and maariv, in person with Rabbi Friedman