Shabbaton with Rabbi Manis Friedman

Shabbaton with Rabbi Manis Friedman
A Full Weekend of High Holiday Inspiration

Friday, September 23
Candle Lighting 6.00 PM Followed by Davening
Shabbat Dinner 8.00 PM
Rabbi Manis Lecture 9.45 PM
Bentching & Dessert 10.45 PM
Topic: "Creating Adults in an Immature World" (Child Rearing)

Saturday, September 24
Tehillim 8.00 AM
Chassidus 9.30 AM
Davening 10.00 AM
Shabbat Lunch 12.30 PM
Lecture 2.00 PM
Topic: "Happily Ever After - When does it begin? Asking for a friend" (Marriage/Relationships)
Bentching & Dessert 3.00 PM

Private Meetings with Rabbi Manis Friedman
Additional cost, email [email protected] to reserve

Mincha 6.30 PM
Shalosh Seudah & Lecture 7.00 PM
Topic: "He's Right and He's Right. How Can They Both be Right, and You're Right Too" (Pshat and Midrash, two Sages Battling it out)

After Shabbat, September 24
Teen Event for Adults Too
Beachwood High School
Topic: "Why am I here?" (Life Lessons from a Suicidal Teenager)
Doors open: 9.00 PM
Program begins: 9.30 PM
Please Input your Childs name below yours. If There are too many options, please select the X that is to the far right that is at the end of the name.

We are happy to work with you on the cost if necessary, please contact [email protected] for details.
Shabbaton with Rabbi Manis Friedman   Sep 23, 2022
 Reservations for this event segment is closed.