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Halachik Q&A: Mezuman Part 1

Friday, 10 December, 2021 - 5:01 pm


When benching with 3-9 men a "mezuman" is done. When benching with ten or more Hashem's name "Elokeinu" is added to the "Zimmun". The mezuman is done over a cup of wine.

1. What should be done if one forgot to add Hashem's name when there was a minyan of men? A. If the men have not yet answered, one should repeat the phrase properly.

2. What should be done if there is no wine available? A. Beer can be used when there is no wine. 

3. What should be done if the leader of benching is left-handed? A. He should hold the cup of wine in his dominant hand ie. left hand.

4. What must be removed from the table before benching? A. Any empty dishes.

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