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Halachik Q&A: Mezuman Part 2

Friday, 24 December, 2021 - 7:15 am

When benching with 3-9 men a "mezuman" is done. When benching with ten or more the Hashem's name "Elokeinu" is added to the zimmun (traditional statement that declares the beginning of benching). The mezuman is performed over a cup of wine.

1. How many men have to wash and eat bread in order to say "Elokeinu" in a mezuman? A: Seven have to have eaten bread and the rest of the minyan should have eaten or drunk something that requires an after bracha.

2. If three men ate together and one of them unwittingly benched on his own, can they still make a mezuman? A: Yes, after he has completed his benching he will be able to respond with them.

3. What should be done when three men ate together, and two want to bench while the third wishes to continue eating? A: The third man should pause his meal and respond to the zimmun, waiting until the leader concludes the bracha, "hazan es hakol" before continuing his meal.

4. When this third man is joined by two new men, and they eat together, when they all finish can he join them in a mezuman? A: No, he has already fulfilled his obligation and cannot be counted towards another one.

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