Chabad of Cleveland Presents a week-full of High Holiday Inspiration

Shabbaton with Rabbi Manis Friedman

"Hakhel Es Ha'Am - Gather the Nation:

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" Gather the COMMUNITY...  The MEN ...   & The WOMEN ...   & The CHILDREN..."   

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Every seven years is a Hakhel year. In ancient times, during a Hakhel year, Jews would stream to Jerusalem to unite in the Holy Temple, and hear Torah from the king.

Today, you are the king. You have the power to unite Jews.

Sign up to join and host a HakhelCLE gathering - choose a link above - or create your own, which can be lunch classes, social evenings, or book club meetings. Just gather together members of the tribe to be together, learn Torah, give charity and be inspired.

Here are three ideas of how to enhance your Judaism this year.

1. A "Farbrengen", i.e. an inspirational 30 minutes with the Rabbi. Invite your Rabbi to spend 30 minutes of sharing stories or inspirational thoughts with your family and friends. Don't have a personal Rabbi yet? Click Here

2. A Torah Class with the Rabbi in your home or office: Invite the Rabbi, choose the topic and invite your family or friends.

3. Jewish Birthday Party: On the Jewish birthday of any family member, invite your Rabbi to join and share stories or inspirational thoughts on this momentous occasion.

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