High Holiday's 5781 will be a most unique and memorable one for all! 


Regular High Holiday services are being planned at the Waxman Chabad Center. Due to Covid-19, an indoor/outdoor sanctuary has been set up in the social hall and back patio. Feel free to drive by and check it out!

Not ready to attend a full service yet?  There will be additional Shofar Blowings on Sunday, September 20th at 8:30 am and 1:00 pm.

A short Rosh Hashana Service with Shofar Blowing and Tashlich will also take place at 5pm.

Reservations for the Regular High Holiday services are requested by Sept. 8th, 2020. If you are reading this after Sept. 8th, check in with us for seating availability. 

Reservations for the Shofar Blowing services are requested by September 9th. If you are reading this after Sept 9th, check in with us for seating availability. 

Please click here to fill out the High Holiday survey sent on Aug. 14th to let us know your preference.

How to reserve a seat:

While membership is not required at Chabad to attend services, classes or events, your partnership dollars fuel the excitement and allow the organization to run efficiently and responsibly. 

Since seating is limited this year due to Covid-19, preference will be given to families who join the shul's partnership program. Please click here to reserve seats and read more about the partnership program.   

For special requests or to pledge a different amount than the partnership suggestions please contact Mr. Jeff Alpern at 216-469-6400 or email waxmanchabadcenter@gmail.com.

May you be written and inscribed for year of revealed good! 


High Holiday Minyan Times

Day / Date



Sat.night – Sep. 12


1:00 am




Shabbos – Sep. 19

First Day – Rosh Hashanah

9:00 am

Sunday – Sep. 20

Second Day- Rosh Hashanah

9:00 am


   Shofar Blowing

12:00 pm



7:00 pm

Monday – Sep. 21

T’zom Gedaliah



        Fast Begins

5:30 am


        Fast Ends

7:52 pm

Sunday – Sep. 27

Kol Nidre

6:56 pm

Monday – Sep 28

Yom Kippur

9:00 am



12:00 pm


     Fast Ends

7:53 pm

Shabbos & Sunday – Oct. 2 & 3


9:00 am

Shabbos – Oct 10

Shmeini Atzeret

9:00 am



12:00 pm


Simchas Torah – Hakafos

7:33 pm

Sunday – Oct. 11

Simchas Torah

9:00 am