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Parshas Shelach (June 20)  Mazal Cohen In honor of a Siyum Sefer Torah in memory of her mother 
Parshas Korach (June 27) Phil & Batsheva Atkin  In honor of Phil's father's Yahrtzeit



Parshas Chukas/Balak (July 4)   Leijsor & Yehudis Lederman In honor of their 14th Anniversary
Parshas Pinchas (July 11) Andy & Tracey Berger In honor of their children
Rachel's graduation and Aaron's starting the IDF
Parshas Matos-Masei (July 18)  Yosef & Fruma Porter In honor of a new granddaughter, their anniversary and Yosef's birthday
Parshas Devarim (July 25)  Available  



Parshas Va'eschanan  (August 1) Rabbi & Mrs. Chaikin In honor of his mother's Yahrtzeit and 110'th birthday
Parshas Ekev (August 8)  Rabbi & Mrs. Alevsky  In honor of Rabbi Kazen's Yahrtzeit & Mrs. Kazen's birthday
Parshas Re'eh (August 15)  *RESERVED*  
Parshas Shoftim (August 22) Chaim & Devorah Lebowitz In honor of their son Meir's Bar Mitzvah
Parshas Ki Seitzei (August 29)  Mendelsohn Family In honor of the Shloshim for Merv


 Parshas Ki Tavo ( Sept. 5)  Phil Atkin in honor of his mother's last birth and her birthday

 Leil Selichot
 Parshas Nitzavim/Vayeilech 
(Sept. 12) 

 Josef Balakirsky in honor of his father's yarzheit 
 Rosh Hashanah   (Sept. 19)    
 Parshas Ha'Azinu (Sept 26)

 Rabbi & Mrs. Scharf

Rabbi & Rebbetzin Chaikin 

in honor of Rabbi Scharf's father's yartzheit


 Sukkot (Oct.3)    no kiddush
 Shmini Atzeret  (Oct. 10)    no kiddush
 Parshas Bereshit (Oct. 17)               The Shul In honor of Partners & Volunteers
 Parshas Noach (Oct. 24)    Roy and Shira Elmalich In appreciation of the community
 Parshas Lech-lecha (Oct. 31)     Jeff and Tamar Albert          in honor of their granddaughter Rebecca Moreno's Bat Mitzvah



Parshas Vayera (Nov. 7)  Boris & Rachel Kagarlitskiy  Hakaros Hatov to Hashem
Parshas Chayei Sara
(Nov. 14)
 Mel & Armand Waxman         

 In honor of their mother's yartzheit


Parshas Toldot (Nov. 21)    
Parshas Vayetzei (Nov. 28)     


Parshas Vayishlach (Dec. 5)  Dr. & Mrs Yosef Porter       In honor of Dr. Porter's siyum and in appreciation to the shul volunteers
Parshas Vayeshev (Dec. 12)  Amram Linkov  In honor of the yartzheits of his parents
Parshas Miketz (Dec. 19)  Ilia & Rochel Itin               commemorating the first yatzheit of Ilia's mother
Parshas Vayigash (Dec. 26)

 Michoel & Ettil Bloom
 Gershon Kuzecki
 Lejsor & Yehudis Lederman 

Wedding Anniversary  
 Father's yartzheit

Mother's Yartzheit




Parshas Vayechi    (Jan. 2)  Phil & Batsheva Atkin  commemorating his maternal gradparents yartzheits

Parshas Shemot    (Jan. 9) 

 Boris & Rachel Kagarlitskiy in honor of their new home  
Parshas Va'eira    (Jan.16)  Haim & Devorah Leibowitz  In honor of their daughter's bat mitzvah

Parshas Bo            (Jan. 23)

Parshas Beshalach (Jan. 30)    


Parshas Yitro    ( Feb. 6)    
Parshas Shekalim  (Feb. 13)    
Parshas Zachor   (Feb. 20)    

Parshas Shushan Purim
(Feb. 27)



Parshas Parah  (Mar. 6)    
Parshas Hachodesh (Mar. 13)    
Parshas Vayikra  (Mar. 20)    
Shabbos HaGadol (Mar. 27)     


Pesach (Apr.3)    

Parshas Shemini (Apr. 10) 

Parshas Tazria-Metzora
(Apr. 17) 
Parshas Acharei-Kedoshim
(Apr. 24)


Parshas Emor (May 1)    

Parshas Behar-Bechukotai
(May 8) 

Parshas Bamidbar ( May 15)    
Parshas Naso (May 22)     
Parshas Behaalotecha
(May 29)