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Mistakenly translated as charity, Tzedakah literally means to do the “right” thing. Everything that we have in our lives are direct blessings from Hashem, and ultimately belong to Hashem. That being said, Tzedakah is our way of using the gifts that Hashem gave us in the way that He wants them to be used - the right way. It is also considered the greatest mitzvah. As opposed to other mitzvos, our entire bodies are affected and made holy by the mitzvah, since obtaining money involves a person’s investment of their whole body. A great way to remind ourselves to fulfill this mitzvah is by making sure to have Tzedakah boxes in our homes, offices, and even bedrooms! And don’t forget - consistency is key! Instead of giving one lump sum at the end of the year, give a little bit every day to train yourself to be in tune with those who have less.

Both containing the most holy prayer, the Mezuzah and Tefillin make a unique statement that Hashem is constantly part of every aspect of our lives, and in every place. The Mezuzah’s slanted position demonstrates that both inside of the home, and when we leave, we are carrying our Jewish identity - and with pride! Wrapping the tefillin on our heads and on the arms facing the heart, is the ultimate demonstration of literally binding of our thoughts and emotions with Hashem and Torah. When a person is facing a difficult situation, professionally checking that the scrolls inside are kosher can help as the Mezuzah protects the home, and the Tefillin protect at war.  

Every person is like a candle, and inside each one of us is a flame. When there is darkness, our flame must be activated to brighten up the situation - because the only response to darkness is light. Each week, starting when we are 3 years old, we have an opportunity to literally bring more light into our homes, through lighting a Shabbat candle. The light and peace that is brought into the home through the candle is a perfect welcome for Shabbat - the highest peak of the week. Positive and proper interactions between parents also increase the overall light and peace in the home. The power to make the world a bit brighter is in your hands (and your soul)!

It’s a diet for the body & soul. Kosher literally means “fit”, because I’m trying to stay fit in all senses of the word - what I eat becomes a part of me and doesn’t just affect my body physically. The traits of animals that I may eat can actually have an impact on my own character traits. I want to be fit to live a Jewish life in the fullest sense! The food I eat has G‑dliness in it, and when I use the energy from the Kosher food that I eat for something positive, I am activating the holy part of this food. Believe it or not, Kosher is not just about what type of food I eat, but also about the kitchen that the food was cooked in! Any kitchen can be made Kosher, it’s a really fun and busy process that you can be a part of. 

Just like a body limb’s dysfunction will interrupt the body’s normal activity and optimum mode of function, discord amongst the Jewish nation will hurt the overall function of the Jewish people. The differences amongst us are plainly evident in our appearances and personality, but keeping our minds focused on the similarity between us all - the soul - will help us keep harmony, which can be a person’s sole mission in life. If the Beit Hamikdash was destroyed due to baseless hatred, it will only be rebuilt with baseless love. This is considered equal to the entire Torah, because when we’re truly committed and love Hashem, we are truly committed to and love those whom He loves. 

The strongest trees are the ones with the deepest roots. A child receives his strong “roots” when he learns about what it means to be a Jew, and the younger the learning starts, the stronger these roots are. Children also have a special power, faith and connection to Hashem that adults do not have, and this is displayed when Hashem wanted guarantors for the Torah, because the only guarantors that He accepted were the children. Every Jewish child has a right to learn about his/ her rich heritage, and we all have the obligation to help teach those who are not yet learning about Torah and mitzvot.

It’s our way to connect with Hashem’s wisdom. When we learn Torah, we are aligning our thoughts with Hashem’s “thoughts”. The words of the Torah serve as a protection and a powerful tool to make the world a holier place. We even have the opportunity to physically be a part of the holy Torah by purchasing ownership of one of the thousands of letters that make up the Torah. By doing that we are connecting with all the other people who partook in the purchase of a letter in the Torah. The interior design of our homes can be made more beautiful with shelves lined with books of Torah, and design of a home tells about the entire home - like a container can tell something about it’s contents.