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Pesach Will Be Amazing!

All you need for your stay-at-home Pesach
Table of Contents:
Some highlited subjects addressed in this email. Please make sure to open and print the BOTH guides from Rabbi Chaikin for much more.
  1. Rabbi Chaikin's Pesach Schedule & Seder Guide
  2. What to do with un-toiveled new utensils 
  3. Siyum Bechorim
  4. Maos Chitim and Mivtzah Matzah
  5. Kashering your kitchen
  6. Removing Chametz from your possession
  7. Your Feedback is Appreciated
1. Rav Chaikin's Detailed Pesach Guidance

Rabbi Chaikin's Full Pesach Schedule 5780 (Holiday and Shabbos times, what to add in the Yom Tov Davening and more) Download Rabbi Chaikin's Pesach Schedule Here.

Pre-Pesach & Seder Guide 5780 is a detailed supplement to Rabbi Chaikin's Pesach Schedule. This is the edited transcript of Rabbi Chaikin's Sunday night class, in which the Rav went into great detail of the uniquely Chabad Customs getting ready for and during the Seder. Download Rabbi Chaikin's Pre-Pesach & Seder Guide 5780 Here. 

Of course, the conversation is not over!  If you still have questions about Pesach or the Seder please reach out to Rabbi Chaikin at 216-381-9178 or at Rav@ChabadofCleveland.com

2. What To Do With New Kitchen Utensils?
Before 10 AM, Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Since the dish mikvah is closed for safety, any who have purchased new kitchen utensils are left with two options: 

1. Call Rabbi Boruch Hirschfeld before 10 AM on Wednesday, April 1 and appoint him your agent to sell those utensils to a gentile, because if they belong to a non-Jew they may be borrowed and used without toiveling. 

216-410-9205 - Rabbi Hirschfeld

2. You can toivel your utensils in the river. (Easy to access rivers include, Sulphur Springs and Chagrin Falls Metroparks.)

URGENT: There is a widespread notion that one may use a utensil one time without toiveling it. Please know that there is no such allowance. 

3. Siyum Bechorim

On Erev Pesach, firstborn males (or fathers of firstborn minors) should fast in commemoration of their special salvation on that day, during the Plague of the Firstborn. The method to absolve yourself of this fast is to participate in a Torah Celebration such as the completion of a Talmudic Tractate - a ceremony called a Siyum.

You can listen in to the Siyum Bechorim at 8:45 AM on Erev Pesach, Wednesday, April 8 by clicking here or by calling 1-312-626-6799 meeting ID: 726-224-7760-#, no participant ID needed - just tap #.

Have some food with you as you listen, to break your fast in connection with the siyum. Once you broke your fast for the siyum you can eat the rest of the day.

4. Maos Chitim & Mivtzah Matzah

Each year at Pesach time, Jews donate funds especially to provide Pesach food for the needy. Additionally, the Rebbe encourages us to purchase or sponsor extra pounds of matzah to be made available for Mivtzah Matzah, to promote observance of Pesach and the celebration of the Pesach seder. 

Donations can be left in the mailbox at: 2480 Beachwood Blvd. Beachwood OH 44122 and specify what it is for.

5. Kasher your kitchen

DIY: Kashering the Kitchen for Pesach

Here is a simple instruction manual for preparing a kitchen for Pesach.

Here is a short video demonstration of kashering a kitchen.

Here is a practical article that delineates exactly what should and should not be done. 

Here is an in depth (some Hebrew required) lecture on the laws of koshering a kitchen. 

6. Removing Chametz from your possession
A preferred option and a last resort option

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional Sale of the Chametz with Rabbi Chaikin will not be done in person. 

Preferred option: please click here to download and print the contract of sale. Write or type in information as necessary,  then mail (or deliver to Rabbi Chaikin's mailbox) at: 2480 Beachwood Blvd.Beachwood, OH 44122

If you cannot accomplish these steps you may fill out and electronically submit this online form.

It is customary to include a donation to Rabbonim during administration the Sale of Chametz. Checks can be made out to Rabbi Chakin or click here for PayPal

Please deliver or submit the forms by 9:30 PM Sunday, April 5, 2020


On Wednesday morning, before 12:22 PM, it is extremely important to recite with your full heart that you relinquish ownership of all the chametz that remains in your property, that you have not sold.

Find the liturgy in English here

7. Your Feedback is Appreciated

Have you benefited from the updates, online classes and support of WCC's staff and Rabbis? Please take a moment to donate here.

Click here to send Feedback and Suggestions or just to comment. 

May we celebrate this year's Seder together in Jerusalem!

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