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Please make sure to write out full name. Only names known to the host will not be allowed into meetings.
 Call in to the classes using these numbers:  Phone Number: 929 205 6099  Meeting ID: 726 224 7760#

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Start the week with a Chassidic Melave Malka
- Saturday Nights 10:15pm

 Freshen up your morning with a Daily Dose of Chassidus.
- Sunday-Friday 7:30-8:10 with Rabbi Shmuli Friedman

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Stories from the Soul - Grab a Coffee and join
- Sunday afternoons 12:30-12:45 pm with Rabbi Shmuli Friedman

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Sharpen those skills with the weekly Men's Halacha Shiur
- TBD with Rabbi Chaikin -


Talk with your soul at the Ladies Tanya Class 
- Tuesday mornings 11:00 am with Rabbi Shmuli Friedman

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Women's Chassidus Insights into the weekly Torah Portion
- Tuesday Nights 8:00 PM

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The Sichos Project with Rabbi Gancz
Wednesdays at 8:00 pm

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Men's Soul Talk - Weekly Tanya
Thursdays 8:00-9:00 pm

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Erev Shabbos Avos -12 minutes of Ethics
- Fridays 5:00-5:15 with various presenters

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