Week 9: August 10-14, 2020

Join CGI for our 7th year at Horseback Riding Camp. In association with In the Woods Barn and Garden, we are proud to offer an amazing program! Campers learn how to care for horses, and are taught the basics of horsemanship and how to ride like a pro. Start and finish the day in classic Gan Izzy style, with davening circle, Jewish Songs and an array of fun games and activities. Campers are bused to the farm. 

Horseback Riding Camp is offered as an extra cost to our campers.  On the registration portal you are able to choose this option.  The cost for this summer is as follows:

February 15-March 15: $350

March 16-May 15: $390 

As of May 16 Registration will be closed!  If there are spots still available after finalizing our numbers we will offer a 48 hour last minute registration option.  Sunday-Monday (May 31 & June 1). and the price for horseback riding will be $430.


riding camp colage.JPG