Welcome to the Waxman Chabad Center
A spiritual home to all regardless of background or level of commitment. Chabad's mission is to nurture the special relationship that every human being has with G‑d and to provide them with everything needed for that relationship to blossom. 


May the coming year of 5781 bring an abundance of joy and happiness with revealed good both physically and spiritually with the revelation of Moshiach Now! 


A special thank you to the many families who have contributed to our physical, spiritual, and financial advancement these last months. Your partnership fuels the excitement and growth in our community.

Here's a roundup of some physical work that has been accomplished:

1. Thanks to Andy Berger who spearheaded this project: Key elements of HVAC system have been restored and special anti-Virus Scrubbers (called iWave) have been added to the lower level unit. A contract with a new service company has been signed and G‑d willing, the compressor and boiler will be next.

2. Thanks to Michoel & Ettil Bloom, there are bookshelves and Aron Kodesh in the social hall as well as new sink drains. The parking lot holes have been patched and the lot will be freshly striped shortly. 

3. Thanks to Justin Pearl and many individual helpers, a unique blended outdoor/indoor davening space has been set up and provide comfortable accommodations for all participants while keeping the community together. 

5. Thanks to Jeff Alpern, a new fire alarm safety company has been contracted with and the building is now completely up to fire code. Clutter and drains around the building have also been cleared. 

6. Thanks to Yehudis Lederman for assisting Jeff Alpern and organizing all the bookshelves around the building.

7. Thanks to Tracey Berger, a shul office has set up and is being maintained, and weekly Kiddushim are on a roll.

Here's a glimpse into the spiritual work that is being accomplished:

1. Thanks to many devoted friends, Minyanim are back on track! Two morning minyanim, daily mincha/maariv, regular Friday night and Shabbos minyanim.

2. Thanks to an amazing community, learning is in full swing!  On the menu is a daily, early morning Chassidus chaburah on our Zoom channel or a group of friends who to study Tanya, Halacha and a host of other subjects, after the first minyan, or learn Shulchan Aruch after the second minyan. Between mincha and maariv, join a group who learns the daily Rambam. On Shabbos morning, get a taste of Rabbi Chaikin teaching Chassidus, or join the rotation of members sharing chassidic teachings between mincha and maariv

On Sunday mornings, join Rabbi Chaikin's Talmud class over zoom, Halachah class on Mondays, and Chassidus for women on Tuesday evenings. Tuesday mornings Rabbi Friedman's teaches an epic womens' Tanya class, and insights into prayer on Thursdays. On Wednesdays, Rabbi Gancz is teaching the Rebbe's Sichos over zoom. Many other individual and chavrusas learning groups have sprung up among both men and women.

3. Thanks to the community's generosity, there has been a kiddush and farbrengen every week since Shavuos


Now is the time to make a Partnership Commitment

Invest in your spiritual growth and commit to joining a class or set up a new class.

Invest with your time and give a hand with your personal talents.

Invest financially and support the shul to run efficiently, responsibly and enable enthusiastic Jewish and Communal Activity.

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