The Waxman Chabad Center opened in June 2006.  Since 1972, Chabad of Cleveland, under the guidance of Rabbi Leibel and Devorah Alevsky, successfully reached out to the countless Jews across the spectrum of the Cleveland Jewish community. 

     The Waxman Chabad Center is home to a sanctuary for daily prayer, classrooms, a social hall as well as offices for our staff. 

    Much thought and care has gone into the planning of the Waxman Chabad Center's 15,000 sq. ft. to ensure a warm community atmosphere and practical use for our ongoing classes and community activities.
    We welcome you to come join us for a service, a class, a program or contact us for any Jewish needs you may have. Chabad will welcome you with open arms, no-matter your background, level of observance or Jewish knowledge. 
    Chabad is an organization whose international presence and diverse range of participants are united in a simple philosophy of the Lubavitcher Rebbe; Love every Jew, reach out to every Jew, educate every Jew. With the teachings of Chabad Chassidus, it nurtures the special relationship that every human being has with G‑d and to provide them with everything needed for that relationship to blossom.
    Chabad of Cleveland welcomes you to taste the beauty of our heritage. Our goal is to encourage study, commitment and Jewish pride. Our center is a meeting place for religious, social, recreational and educational events; a place for you and your family to discover the joy and meaning of Jewish living.