Something for Everyone! 

All Classes take place at Waxman Chabad Center unless otherwise noted.


7:45 AM- Tanya  and Halacha- This daily study group probes and analyzes Tanya's wisdom step-by-step, line-by-line. Join the group and begin understanding yourself — and your purpose — in a whole new light. A few minutes are spent to shed light on the intricate details of Jewish observance.


9:15 AM Talmud and Breakfast, Tractate Megilla

9:30 AM Twice Monthly Tefillin Club 

7:30 PM Talmud Class, Tractate Brachos, the first tractate of the Talmud


12:00 PM  Lunch n’ Learn Torah Studies- A refreshing look & discussion about the weekly Torah portion
Delve into the Torah portion of the week. Discover its relevance to you, your life, and your week while enjoying a delicious Kosher lunch.

8:00 PM Parsha Class- Deeper insights into the meaning of the weekly Torah portion, based on Chassidic explanations, with practical application to our daily lives.


8:00 PM Chavrusa (Partner) Learning- You choose the topic, we’ll provide a partner!


12:00 PM Lunch n’ Learn   @ Pepper Pike Place 30195 Chagrin Blvd Suite 300-Skip the corporate lunch and enjoy a real power Lunch over delicious kosher food as we discuss ppiritual perspectives on the weekly Torah reading based on the teachings of the great Chasidic masters.


½ hour before Mincha: Shulchan Aruch
In-depth study of the halachic rulings of the Shulchan Aruch

Men's Tefillin Wrap
Get together once a month for a bagel and lox breakfast and a meaningful discussion on fundamentals of Jewish thought and current Holidays. Bring your own Tefillin to wrap or we'll supply you with some.

Other Programs and Services we offer:

One-on-One Learning ,Lectures, Friday Night Dinners, Holiday Programs for the entire family, Life Cycle Events, Hospital Visitation, Synagogue Services and much more!