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The bright, warm tent.
The children leading Psukim.
The giant menorah being lit?
The magic show and dancing draidl?
Why don't drunks get hurt?
Why do Jews still exsist?
Why are teenagers angry?
Why do we ask, "Why are we here"?
The polar bear in Egypt?
The invincible grasshoppers?
The high priest's uniform?
The temple's beautiful furniture?
"Do you have more tokens?"
Six regular and one diet.
Can I use your phone?
Turn left; the other left!
The beautiful decor.
The spirited farbrengen.
The many Chassan+Kallahs.
The deep felt desire for more?
Make sure he's eating.
Make sure you stretch.
Make sure you get your vitamins.
Make sure to get some sleep.
Soulquest: The journey of the soul
through life, death and beyond.
Portriats of Leadership: Timelss
tales for inspired living.